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Report Cards

Mastery Learning Report Card

Bear Lake School District Elementary Campuses utilizes Mastery Connect, an online software system, as the means to communicate students’ mastery of standards. Mastery Connect binds together our elementary instructional programs, policies, procedures, and practices by organizing resources, providing analysis of teaching and learning and reporting to parents. Mastery Connect allows our teachers to have access to our curriculum that is aligned to Common Core Standards and district expectations. Our district common assessments will also be stored in Mastery Connect. Detailed reporting on a student’s mastery of standards taught by nine weeks as well as standards taught through the year will meet the needs of teachers, parents and students. 


Mastery Connect will help teachers to follow our curriculum, use common assessments, and then grade and track students’ progress as they collaborate to plan their instruction. Through team collaboration, teachers will analyze their evidence of student learning and have conversations about each child’s learning and their progress path to mastery of grade level standards over time. This will allow each student to receive the instruction they need based on their progress towards mastery of our standards as they are taught. 



Levels of Mastery – Colors Represent Level of Intervention:

M = Mastery of Standards (Green)


NM = Near Mastery of Standards (Yellow)


= Remedial Level of Understanding (Red)


Mastery Connect helps teachers to help students learn!